Let us help you enjoy your vacation. We provide cleaning service for Truckee locals, Tahoe City, Martis Camp, Lahontan, second homeowners,  Business establishments.

We Offer:

  •      General clean
  •    Thorough clean
  •    Spring clean

General Cleaning Services Includes:

  •  Clean bathroom sinks, entire toilet, shower and shower doors, tubs, counter tops, polish faucets, and clean floor by hand.
  •  Clean kitchen sink, polish faucet, wipe out refrigerator, wipe out oven (replace foil if necessary), clean stove top and burner  pans (replace foil if necessary), clean hood above stove, inside and out of microwave, wipe and clean all small appliances ​  on counter, clean counter tops, wipe down and clean front of all major appliances, empty garbage, sweep and mop floor.
  •  Empty all trash in house and put in trash bin outside or leave at end of driveway for garbage collectors.
  •  Dust top of wood stoves and sweep around hearth.
  •  Clean out ashes from inside of Fireplace/Wood Burmning Stove
  •  Clean TV screen and dust behind TV.
  •  Clean mirrors.
  •  Feather dust stereo components, DVD player …etc.
  •  Vacuum all rug areas.

Thorough Clean:

***It can be done any time of the year. We require 3 weeks’ notice during the holiday.***

Thorough clean of bathrooms:

  • Clean shower doors inside and outside, shower walls and shower frames
  •  Entire cleaning of toilet bowls, we’ll replace toilet paper if applicable
  •  Clean tub inside and outside
  •  Clean mirrors, counter tops and sink
  •  Polish faucets, towel holders and toilet paper holder
  •  Dust light fixtures, windows sills
  •  Clean floors
  •  High dust

Thorough clean of kitchen:

  • Clean top, front and sides of stove, replace foil paper if applicable
  • Clean hood
  • Clean all appliances inside and outside
  • Clean refrigerator shelves, drawers and outside
  • Clean counter tops, take trash outside, dust windows
  • High dust
  • Clean floors

Thorough clean of living area, bedrooms, halls, entry area and laundry room:

  •  High dust
  •  Special polish of furniture
  •  Clean glass doors
  •  Mop floors                                                                                                                              

Spring Clean:

***Could be done any time from April 1st to June 15th.***

Spring clean includes:

  •  Thorough clean of bathrooms
  •  Thorough clean of kitchen (*includes full cleaning refrigerator)
  •  Clean oven (use easy off), *self-cleaning oven to be turned on by owner
  •  Thorough clean of laundry room
  •  Wipe all exterior cabinets and drawers with diluted Murphy‘s oil
  •  Wipe all interior doors and door frames with Murphy’s oil
  •  High dust
  •  Clean light fixtures
  •  Special polish of furniture (*under personal items, pictures, knick knacks)
  •  Vacuum couches, under cushions, etc.
  •  Vacuum under and around all furniture, beds, etc.
  •  Thoroughly clean all floors if small by hand
  •  Clean glass doors, clean inside and outside of fireplace
  •  Dust-vacuum baseboards
  •  Wipe baseboards with Murphy’s oil

Extra Services:

  •  Empty / load dishwasher
  •  Wash and dry linens
  •  Make up beds (linens must be marked)
  •  Wash down walls and cabinets
  •  Dust / vacuum baseboard
  •  High dust (remove cob webs from rafters, ceiling, etc.)
  •  Vacuum couches and chairs
  •  Moving furniture to vacuum underneath
  •  Hand clean oven with oven cleaner
  •  Clean inside and glass of wood burning stove / fireplace
  •  Thorough clean of refrigerator
  •  Thawing out freezer and cleaning inside
  •  Hand clean light fixtures
  •  Special polishing of furniture
  •  Rug/carpet cleaning